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This free course will show you exact steps I use to build, market and sell products. 

I love this process so much because it alows me to work online and from anywhere in the world. 

I wrote it in a way that you will be able to replicate it easily. 

So many people who stay in Sende ask me to sit with them and explain these steps. Now I wrote them down, so you can actually test them. 

In this 4-step email course you will learn: 

1. How to find market that will buy from you by using “1% crowd” technique. This is a group of people who will like what you sell.  

2. How to find the perfect product for that market. 
You can even copy/paste my idea and turn it into your small business. Yes, I will explain everything by using the real life idea. 

3. How to set-up your product offer in only 23 minutes. This is technical part explained in a way that almost anyone can understand, even if you have never touched a keyboard.  

4. How to show your idea to that exact market. This is called marketing and you will learn 2 advanced tactics that I use in almost all projects. 


Who am I to teach you this?

I am Edo Sadiković, founder of Sende, one of the first rural coworking & coliving spaces in the world. Place where people from all over the globe come to build own products. We hosted people from Google, Netflix, Boing, Disney, Automattic (WordPress)… and many more. 

It means that I had chance to enjoy long dinners with so many talented people, to see how they work and to build cool projects together. 

I am also educator and I teached entrepreneurship and marketing to more than 650 students from more than 50 countries. Also I teach conflict-transformation and peacebuilding with Youth Peace Ambassador Network. 

Actually, my favorite thing in the world is to teach. That’s why I spent hours of writing these lessons so they can be understandable for anyone.  

I have traveled 44 countries and now I live in Senderiz, a tiny village in Spain on the border with Portugal. 

I have founded different small businesses by using this exact process that you will be able to replicate my process. 



I hate get-rich courses. Every business had different path until it’s success. 

That’s why I took time to put down elements and rules that always worked for me on totally different projects (actually I use one example in this course that is not connected with me). 

You can use these elements from the lessons in a thousand different ways and I will teach you how. The rest is your freedom to play. 

This course is for anyone who would like to build own business and work (online) from home of while traveling the world. 80% of people we host in Sende are digital nomads who do exactly this. If you want to change a boring job, then this is just perfect for you.

It was never easier to build own product and create ideal salary that will help you work from the library, coworking space or your home. 

This works for all of you even if you live in Serbia, Spain, Finland or Colombia.